Jocelyn Lasher
Senior Loan Officer
NMLS ID #: 390711

O: (571) 419-6647
M: (703) 371-2405
F: (571) 419-6652

20604 Gordon Park Square, Suite 190
Ashburn, VA 20147

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It is very important to me that people understand exactly all pieces and parts of the biggest financial investment that they will make in their lives. It can also be very emotional, i always tell my clients, numbers never lie. If the numbers don’t work for you, this isn’t your home. It is out their, let’s go find it! Sometimes this requires coming up with out of the box ideas being creative, I am good at that.

Buying a home can be very complicated it is my job to uncomplicate, explain the newonces vast details that go into a mortgage it is my job to make sure that the person financing the home understands clearly all those details

Why McLean Mortgage? because we specialize in fitting square pegs into round holes. We have amazing loan products for just about every walk of life, and incredible back office staff. With my amazing team I able to do what a lot of other mortgages can not.

On a personal note my husband and I LOVE Northern VA for all the wonderful things their is to do here and the amazing views. We also race cars on the weekends, road racing, we quite enjoy meeting a lot of different people of all ages and background who also enjoy the sport. Giving back in our community has always been a priority for us. My personal second love is travel, Love learning about how others live, their culture, politics and view of the world, very enlightening.